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Breast Enhancer Creams: Top 5 Picks [Revealed]

What’s new in the breast enhancer creams department for 2021? 

We reviewed an eye-opening number of breast enhancement creams and serums that all claimed to help women get bigger breasts without risk-prone surgery.

We found out some of these products really worked well after researching them, while others came saddled with terrible side effects.

Let’s be thankful there’s are a few great products out there that are all-natural, no side effects, and work FAST!

How To Chose The Right Breast Enhancer Creams?

We based our picks on how fast these breast enhancer creams worked and what ingredients the manufacturers included. 

Above all, we listened to all your comments and testimonials.

So, how effective are these creams for breast enhancement, and what do our viewers think?

It is hoped that after reading these reviews, everyone should make an informed decision about breast enhancement afterward.

Let’s consider another well-known fact?

These breast enhancer creams and breast enhancement pills are still the top non-surgical option that many women continue to use worldwide.


Because they work, plain and simple!

Chances are, you may have read about breast implants or breast augmentation surgery, right? 

If not, you owe it to yourself to discover how dangerous this breast surgery could be and why you may want to stay away.

Breast augmentation surgery is a procedure done by a Cosmetic Surgeon.

It is major surgery!  Therefore, you will be asleep during the entire procedure.

However, sometimes doctors fail to tell their patients just how painful breast augmentation recovery can be.

Furthermore, it would be best if you examined all the facts before making your final decision.

Every person comes to a conclusion differently depending on their life circumstances, and yours should be too.

Do Breast Enhancer Creams And Pills Work?

If I told you that you could naturally increase your breast size, have firmer breasts, and you could do it safely in the privacy of your home – wouldn’t you be curious as to how?  I know that I was.

Please allow me to share these facts:

Now more than ever, clinically proven and effective formulas are making the benefits of natural breast enlargement abundantly clear.

These products made using all-natural ingredients will deliver breathtakingly fast and long-lasting results!

By adding more fatty tissue and increasing the ligaments’ size and strength that provide support and shape to your breasts, you stand to gain impressive results in just a few short weeks!

Furthermore, you can get natural breast growth right from the comfort of your own home.

Your privacy is assured.

Plus, these top 3 breast enhancement creams that we reviewed will give you a complete money-back, iron-clad guarantee!

Learn how these clinically proven breast enhancement creams and pills can help you achieve natural breasts.

So please don’t be foolish by not giving it a try before going under the knife.

Are Breast Enhancement Pills Safe Too?

Yes, the breast enhancement pills included in the Total Curve 2-step program are safe to use. Their all-natural ingredients have no known side effects. Vollure and Brestrogen only contain a cream. Just make sure that you follow the manufacturer’s directions included with each product.

Now we can say this about breast enhancer creams

  • Fast and long-lasting results.
  • Privacy of your own home.
  • No breast surgery is needed.
  • Money-back guarantee.
  • Safe to use.

Our top 3 breast enhancer creams and pills could help you achieve more youthful and perkier-looking breasts naturally, or your money back!

Who wouldn’t want a natural boob job without getting risky breast surgery?

These products use powerful high-quality, all-natural ingredients that are incredibly safe and without dangerous side effects.

Most importantly, these breast enhancer creams had to show results!

We polled our reader audience, who overwhelmingly chose these top 3 natural breast enlargement supplements.

But above all, it had to help them increase their breast size and add breast firmness.

Top 3 Breast Enhancer Creams For 2021

Vollure breast enlarging cream


50ml Bottle

  • Powerful formula
  • Increase breast size up to 8.4% in 60 days
  • Firm breasts
  • Reduces sagging
  • Natural Ingredients
  • 60-day money back


50ml Bottle

  • Contains plant estrogens
  • Increases breast firmness
  • Relieves PMS symptoms
  • Natural Ingredients
  • Must pay for postage

Total Curve

50ml Bottle + 60 Pills

  • Unique 2 part system
  • Lifting Gel + pills
  • Contains Volufiline™
  • Enhances libido
  • Prevents vaginal dryness
  • Must pay for postage

Now that the dust has settled, I can finally share my personal experience with you.

Can you imagine the look on my face when I finally saw some breast enhancement in the mirror?

After a few weeks of patiently waiting, I saw bigger breasts. Well, at least bigger breasts than I had before!

Above all, I only used a breast enhancer cream.  I never had to say those dreaded words like “breast augmentation” or “boob job.”

A long story short, let’s get to the reason I chose the below products.

#1 Vollure


(5 / 5)

Vollure has the best-balanced formula to enhance your breasts and add firmness too.

What is Vollure?

Vollure is one of the best breast enlargement creams that I have tried to date.

I placed it in the #1 top spot because it helped me get the bigger bra size I was seeking.

Plus, It gave me the confidence to start wearing those low-cut sexy tops I always dreamed about and dreaded.  I do believe that it will help you too!

First, Vollure is clinically proven to aid you in gaining large natural breasts.

Secondly, Vollure breast cream has been demonstrated in numerous trials to help up to 90% of women achieve fast and long-lasting results.

What are the ingredients in Vollure?

Its primary herbal ingredients are Sarsasapogenin and Macelignan.

They help shape your breast tissue and the underlying milk ducts and stimulate new breast tissue volume.

How long does it take for breast enhancing to work naturally?

It will give you excellent results, up to 8.4% of breast growth in 60 days or less.

Vollure breast enlarging cream

Changes will start to happen fast once you begin to apply this breast enlarging cream directly onto your breasts.  Just use a few drops a day and see for yourself.

Marked improvements in the mirror will give you the self-esteem and confidence you never had before.

Imagine that this breast enlargement cream will aid in your quest for natural breasts because it will!


  • It has a scientifically proven breast enhancing formula
  • It starts giving you results in a few weeks
  • It helps to firm breasts, reduces sagging
  • No side effects
  • 60-day money-back guarantee


  • Premium-priced because of the top-quality ingredients
  • It can take a few weeks before you see results

How do I use Vollure?

Place a few drops in your hands and gently rub them into your breasts.

Additionally, make sure that it is fully absorbed.  That’s it!  Once a day.

Where can I buy Vollure?

Unlike many other lessor breast enhancer creams, you can not buy Vollure on Amazon or eBay.

You can only purchase it through their Official Website.

This way, they eliminate the middle man and prevent scammers from sending you fake products.  Natch, I like that.

How much does Vollure cost?

Vollure comes in 3 excellent deals.  Save an extra 20% by purchasing today!

First: (1) 50ml bottle for $69.95

Secondly: Buy (2) bottles and get (1) bottle FREE. The price is $139.90

Third: Buy (3) bottles, and you get (3) bottles FREE.  Total of (6) bottles, you pay only $209.85

#2 Brestrogen


(4.7 / 5)

This breast enhancement product probably has the most potent formula out of them all. But comes with some extra risks because of it.

What is Brestrogen?

Brestrogen is a breast enhancement cream that uses plant estrogens in its formula.

In our humble opinion, along with reader testimonials, we placed Brestrogen at the #2 spot.

This product will help most women get not only big breasts but firmer breasts as well.

Now, you can get large natural breasts without the worries of getting a painful boob job.

Besides, Brestrogen was scientifically proven to help with sagging breasts and, everyone is for natural breast enhancement,  Right?

What are the ingredients in Brestrogen?

The main ingredient is called Pueraria Mirifica or White Kwao Krua.

Its dried powdered tuberous roots contain plant estrogens, which make it such a fantastic breast enhancement product.

Vitamin E, a dominant antioxidant, was included for those characteristics.

Plus, it slows down your skin’s aging process.

Brestrogen breast cream

When will I start to see results?  In as little as 21 days!  However, for complete results, it could take up to 6 months. 

None of these breast enhancer creams work instantly.

You will start seeing remarkable changes in the mirror, feel sexier than ever before!

Your breasts will become more prominent, firmer, and perkier right before your very eyes!

No one will ever notice that you are using Brestrogen; it is odor-free.

You can wear your most beautiful lingerie, and it will not stain it.

Results vary, but most women love using only the best breast enlargement creams. I know I do!


  • It contains an abundant amount of Pueraria Mirifica (Plant estrogens)
  • Increases breast firmness within weeks
  • Reduces breast sagging and wrinkles
  • Alleviates your worst menstrual symptoms
  • Natural ingredients


  • Premium-priced likely due to superior ingredients
  • Not to be used if you are pregnant due to the potent plant estrogens.
  • It can take up to 6 months to get the full results.
  • The shipping cost is $10.00

How do I use Brestrogen?

Easy to use, pump three drops into your hands, gently rub them into your breasts.

Recommended use is twice a day, once in the morning after you shower and once at night before you go to bed.

Where can I buy Brestrogen?

This product is not available at GNC or Amazon.  You can only buy Brestrogen through their Official Website.

How much does Brestrogen cost?

One bottle of Brestrogen costs $74.97.  Discounts are available when you buy in bulk.

#3 Total Curve


(4.5 / 5)

Total Curve joins the pack by providing you with a terrific product that will give you breast enhancement naturally at a more gentle pace.  Total Curve contains both a breast cream and breast enhancement pills.

What is Total Curve?

Total Curve comes in at the #3 spot and has a unique two-part daily natural breast enhancement therapy system.

What Are The Ingredients In Total Curve?

Part One involves taking breast enhancement pills twice daily. 

They are a blend of only natural breast enhancement ingredients called phytoestrogens.

These phytoestrogens are plant-based, and Total Curve supplies just the right amount to help mimic estrogen’s effect on breast tissue development.

Part two requires you to apply a breast firming and lifting gel.

Its main ingredient is Volufiline™, and it helps to multiply the fatty tissue of your boobs safely.

Only the best breast enhancement creams can give you natural breasts.

Total Curve gel and pill bottle

What exactly is Volufiline™?

Volufiline™ contains Sarsasapogenin, a steroid precursor, which interacts with the breast’s fatty tissue, causing the fat cells to grow in quantity and volume.

Does this natural breast enlargement system work fast?

Not really.

This breast enhancing cream and pills work in a slower, gentler way.

Above all, It will start working its magic in as little as 28 days.

Significant breast enhancement may not occur for a couple of months.

Everyone is different. In other words, it requires patience.

Made with all safe and natural ingredients, this combination of breast enhancement pills and the breast firming gel helps you gain the confidence you need to start “living your life to the fullest!”

We put Total Curve at the number 3 position only because it has an extra step and works slower.

However, it belongs among the top breast enhancement creams for 2020.


  • The unique 2-step system uses breast enhancement pills + a breast enhancement cream
  • Contains Volufiline™
  • Gently plumps your breasts
  • Enhances your sex drive (Libido)
  • Lessens PMS symptoms
  • It helps in preventing vaginal dryness


  • Premium-priced again, probably due to high-end ingredients
  • Full results could take several months
  • Shipping cost is $14.99 for 3 to 5 day UPS

How do I use Total Curve?

As I mentioned above, this is a 2-step system.

First, you start by taking the daily breast enhancement pills, which contain a series of safe and natural phytoestrogens.

Second, you gently rub the breast firming and lifting gel into your breast area.

This breast enhancement product contains a patented ingredient called Volufiline™.

Most importantly, you need to apply this breast cream twice a day for natural breast growth.

Where can I buy Total Curve?

Leading Edge Health manufactures this product and helps keep the price lower by cutting out the middle guy so you can purchase this product directly from their Official Website.

How much does Total Curve cost?

Total Curve comes in 3 super choices.

Silver Package (1 month supply) for $69.95

Platinum Package (3 month supply) $179.95

Diamond Package (6 month supply) $299.95


After all, doing a ton of research and further breakdown of these breast enhancing creams, our team here at EndlessRemedies, myself included, recommends Vollure.

It is one of the safest and best breast enlargement creams I have tried to date.

With no hidden gimmicks and a safe blend of natural ingredients, thousands of women have been affirming the effectiveness of Vollure breast enhancement.

Although it may be expensive because of its top-quality ingredients, Bauer Nutrition has come up with a valuable product, and they know it.

When it comes to your body’s shape, nothing short of spectacular is worthy, which is why we chose Vollure Breast Cream as your best choice for natural breasts.  Go here to visit the Vollure breast cream website.


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